We are looking for people who can work for us as volunteers.

In particular we are looking for:

* A Volunteer Co-ordinator

* Benefit Advisors

* Finance Administrator

The Volunteer Co-ordinator's work includes introducing new volunteers into the organisation and ensure they fit into a suitable role as well as ensuring volunteers are in place when they say they will be and to arrange cover where necessary. Much of this can be done away from the office using a mobile phone.

Benefit Advisors assist disabled people with filling in forms to make claims for a variety of benefits. This might be one to two hours once per week - or more often if you have time.

Finance Administrator This could be for you if you have experience with accounts/book keeping and payroll.

If none of these roles suit you, but are still interested in volunteering, then please contact the office to see what other roles on offer.

As a volunteer, we will endeavour to support and train you in the various tasks you may be asked to carry out. However after a time we expect our volunteers to carry out their work largely without support and assistance of Coalition staff. Of course if you have your own personal assistant/carer they can be with you.